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Boosan is a Gift to our Tamil Society! He is among very few person who share Genuine/Trusted content in Social media. 1:1 session with Boosan is a eye opener in my life and gave me 200% confidence how and what to invest, it's like I got MBA Finance degree in one hour session, not exaggerating but True. The way he understand our Goals and provide suggestion is truly amazing, huge respect to the amount of Knowledge he gathered all these years. I would have been more happy if I discussed with Boosan 10 years back :) But, again I am happy and Proud that I met him and starting my Investment journey with Confidence/Discipline. Must must must recommended, the fee he is charging for the amount of time and content he is giving is very very cheap. Good luck Boosan, keep helping our community. All is well!

Saravana Kannan

Before this session, I had very basic knowledge of finance and did not have any clarity on the investments. It was execellent session and guidance. It certainly matched my needs very well. I was very concerned about my goals and this mentorship helped me to plan investments for my goals clearly in precise manner. The most significant was discussing about in-depth of my goals. After the session, im very clear on my investments and there is no confusion. My decision-making abilities has increased in confidence. Surely, I will recommend this service to other who are seeking guidance in finance.


Thankyou so much for your knowledge sharing bro....very usefull to start my investment ahead...☺️

Jamuna S

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